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    Aquablast sets up waterjet demo facility in Suffolk

    2017/1/9 15:46:05    Author    佚名     【Font:Big Center Small

    Aquablast has installed a Jet Edge EDGE X-5 5-axis waterjet cutting system at its headquarters in Beccles, Suffolk and has plans to launch a waterjet operation and maintenance training facility.

    Says Donald Blair, Aquablast managing director: “We are very pleased to offer an in-house European showcase for Jet Edge’s precision waterjet cutting equipment. Having a precision system in-house will allow us to demonstrate the capabilities of the Jet Edge 5-axis waterjet system to prospective customers from the UK and Europe. We also will be able to provide waterjet operation and maintenance training for companies that want to add this technology to their business model.”

    Aquablast has represented Jet Edge waterjets for more than 20 years and has extensive knowledge of ultra-high pressure waterjet technology and its countless applications. In addition to representing Jet Edge, Aquablast also manufactures its own line of waterjetting equipment and carries a wide range of mobile waterjet systems and support products. The company also offers precision waterjet cutting services, mobile waterjet cutting and surface preparation services, and safety training.

    Capable of cutting sophisticated 3D parts and bevels up to 60° from virtually any material, Aquablast’s Jet Edge 1,500 by 4,000 mm abrasive waterjet system is designed for 24/7 industrial use and maintains +/- 0.025 mm linear positional accuracy over 300 mm (12") per axis and +/- 0.025 mm repeatability (bi-directional). 

    Aquablast sells and services Jet Edge’s full product line in the UK, including Jet Edge’s 5-axis and 3-axis waterjet motion systems, its hydraulic intensifier and direct drive pumps, and portable cutting systems and water blasting equipment. Jet Edge waterjet pumps range from 2,500 to 4,000 to 6,200 bar models, electric and diesel.


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